Having the privilege of living for at least two decades gives one the honor of having been directly and indirectly involved in three selections under the Electoral Commission of Uganda; that have continuously succeeded in their goals. The most fresh and unforgettable memory is the 2016 selection under many #-tags by the social media as #UgandaDecides ,#KigunduDecides and #MuseveniDecided, which is the funniest because how can a presidential candidate decide? I guess one should replace a question mark with a full stop because it was stated in past tense compared to others.“It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.” Joseph Stalin

Let’s reflect on the campaign trail before we pass the election as free and fair as stated by the observers. Case in point, the touching of the leopards an*s in Rukungiri that ended with Aine’s disappearance from which we observed that there is really no justice but just us. As fate may have it someone is actually heading to ABIM

Abim hospital after walking who knows how many kilometers only to receive their death certificate, another one woke up early morning to go fetch settled diarrhea (water) in NAK

Nakasongola, another parent is sending back their kids to PAYA

Paya primary school while some police officer is waking up to go and enforce the selection results in Mayuge.

I would love to point out the job well done by the Inter Religious Council for staging the first ever historical presidential debate crowned as a high school debate by the great revolutionary, the incumbent Mr. Yoweri Museveni. Though we were glad he attended the second debate in which he fully had control as he talked about Uganda not ‘fiction’ having shun the first one in he had no say except answer questions he hadn’t prepared for like all the other candidates!

Who is the real threat of “our peace” some of us need to perhaps subscribe to this peace we are boosting about because we don’t belong to the 1986 group, If you think you hold its subscription by being a citizen then you need to ask yourself what you have sacrificed first. In the victory speech of 1986 which was read not by a soldier but by an armed politician in full uniform I read “this is not mere change of guards but fundamental change” As a student of Uganda’s politics and history I can see this as a mere change of guards. If you disagree I want to task you to watch any‘demonstration in Uganda and explain to the public how the Ugandan Police Force is behaving any different from that of Obote’s regimes, you might say they don’t rape or haven’t killed as many citizens as those in the previous regimes have.
But then I will ask how many lives do we have to lose in the name of keeping law or whatever peace and order so that its known when a whistle should be blown! Is this the discipline of the army and police the “revolutionists” boost about or it’s just clear that the gun is an instrument that should command politics and democracy?So the only man with the vision of Uganda will tell you no one will threaten the peace of Uganda when he still draws breath, but dear grandfather of the nation you are looking in the wrong place and at the wrong people, its Gen. Kale’s boys that are threats to “our peace” by your order sir. Look how we are treated on the streets. If you think your precious princess would deserve that if she were to hit the streets and address the issues that you have managed to buy through the greedy representatives that you have natured whom we elect only to be made dummies then I rest my case.
Look at how RDCs act like they hold every ones right to live not forgetting the NRM dignitaries. We need democracy not tyranny, a certain class of people seems to own this country more than the others. I don’t see the need for the illusion of the electoral process; all those months of keeping one’s self busy campaigning only to sabotage the economy with inflation and insecurity. Just establish a monarchy already, I hope then we will be getting better service delivery keeping in mind that one shall receive according to how one wishes not how one deserves! Think of how much we as a country would have benefited from all the wasted resources in the selection process all in the name “de-mock-racy”. The observers like IGAD, EU, and AU crown the whole process free and fair though on unleveled ground; fear is disguised as free and participation as fair. Which interprets the whole truth that we deserve charity not democracy. It’s a reminder that we have to fix the issues of our nation as Ugandans or else the international community is always willing to come in when it wishes and best suits it.
Well where is the Inter-Religious Counciling all this period, perhaps they are waiting for war to mediate it for their credit in Canterbury or Rome! Well am sure churches would like those because you are sure they are bringing offertory to churches for counseling. There is no security without peace in our land, no peace without health services, and no peace without jobs. We are victims of the systems we fund to build,keeping quiet has never been yes!Let’s fight for a country of equality and reason peacefully, “a Uganda that works for every Ugandan”.
“So long as men die liberty will never perish”