This isn’t to the mechanical graduate whose dream was to be an engineer but to the graduate who realizes soon or later that this degree isn’t what an achievement/satisfaction he hoped for. Most of us have been sharp children through our school time until we got to sit in the same class and realize we were beating fellow “unsharp” students, but is really life about beating the other? In a period of 17+ years of school for the cream dela cream to graduate and be jobless “sighs” what is life really! Have you posed and thought that the ways we were taught to get there were wrong, that’s if getting a job is your definition of making it!? 

I wonder why out of the 17+ years we tend to only focus on using only that paper /degrees to ‘have a life’, is it really the only thing we learnt, if it’s then my friend we were not educated ,we just went to school. Leaving π as π, I just think this whole education purpose is a distraction; it keeps you from being the extraordinary you. Somebody said you had to study to make it in life and you send 17+ years to prove yourself. We already know a degree isn’t enough, so a master’s degree is now a concern. I don’t think if one can’t be employed with their 1st degree a Masters will solve the mystery, my point is there is always going to be another certificate another credential. 

Many people have gone much further with sheer hard work and determination than with a mere piece of paper that tries to measure your retention skills according to guidelines from colonial times. Dust yourselves off and take this opportunity to prove this system wrong. Look within and ask yourself, what am I really good at, what am I passionate about? Work hard on that. 

The gift this failure/success gives us is that you cannot take anything for granted, and you must work hard to find your own path. It might be unconventional but then, no one discovers a new road by going down on the well-trodden one. God has undoubtedly put something unique in you, now you know it’s not “academics” so go find it. There will always be one more thing for you to fit in, decide to stand out. 

You don’t have to compromise conviction to be compassionate. This struggle maybe a moral one: or it may be a physical one; or it may be both; but it must be a struggle that can’t be ignored. What’s not on paper is what people remember, the impressions we leave behind, and that’s the true measure of a man. What’s the engineering in that job, yeah I know it pays bills, live for more than just paying bills.

 Otherwise congratulations to your strangers, kudos we’re mechanical engineers by curriculum, though I leave you this; whichever class you’re in, thank God and hold it as dearly as your first class, appreciate your capability first. It’s easier to lie to the world than being honest with yourself, please don’t live a lie the rest of your life.

Yours truly fish

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